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Assign specific roles to your team members, get posts approved by clients and organize work from a single platform.

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Pubblie benefits

Integration with the
most popular social networks
Monitoring and reporting
at your fingertips
Complete management
and in one place

Create your team

Create your work team for each project:
invite the people you work with and manage everyone's activities in the best possible way, directly on Pubblie.

The advantages? Organize your work, divide your efforts and save time!

pubblie work collaborate team project

To each their own role

Assign a specific role to each member of your team and start collaborating immediately.

Also add the client to allow them to view the editorial plan and take part in the final approval of the posts you have created.

pubblie team customer managment

Get posts approved

Simplify the final customer approval process!

Before publication, share the editorial plan via a direct link and allow the client to approve the posts directly from the app or website.

pubblie customer approve ediotorial plan

Most popular social networks, all here

Easily create and publish to your social channels.

Manage multiple projects, respond to comments, and monitor community progress.

Communicate with ease

Thanks to the shared notes, you can quickly exchange ideas and suggestions with your collaborators and with the customer.

Leave comments on a post or read what the team and the client have to say.
Make any necessary changes and when the post is ready, publish or schedule it.

pubblie shared note team customer

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